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i've got a young guy working for me now and he's been with me since september. every now and then i give him some joints or some patches to coat and it always seems to be quite a struggle. its been about five years since i started learning and i don't really remember it being very hard. i'm sure i was slow and i know my work did not look like it does now but i've never trained anyone before and i don't really know how long it should take to be able to put out an acceptable product. in fairness to him most of my work is really tricky tie-ins and big nasty floats, the kind of stuff you just can't let a new guy do. i finally have a couple of longer walls (8' sheets lots of butts) that i have decided are perfect for him to learn on. its not like i expect him to master it after coating four 20' walls but i'm just trying to give him some of the simpler work we have gotten. my questions are is it possible to teach someone to coat who is not taking to it quickly? or do i just have no idea how long it should take for someone come around the learning curve? i was not trained by anyone in the beginning. i've worked for guys for a few days here and there but that was quite a while after i had become profficient. i think i am pretty good at explaining things and demonstrating but its impossible to transmit a skill acquired by feel and practice.also any tips on training newbs and things they should be started on would be great. he is past the nailspotting/wiping tapes stage.
Category: Drywall Post By: JAIME RAMSEY (Warren, MI), 02/15/2018

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