Forum Title: So now I have to level the walls? Huh?
I been a finisher for nearly 30 years. Mostly commercial. I was a union foreman for the largest construction co. in Pittsburgh, Pa. Hospitals, office buildings, schools, malls, etc etc etc. I dont feel like discussing why, but I recently moved to a new city and had to look for work. I finally found a company willing to hire me as just a finisher. Mostly companies here want you to frame, insulate, hang, finish, paint, clean, stock. I am making a fraction of what I was. Today is my 2nd day. They are crazy here. Finishing a 3 story building off ladders. No freakin bakers at all. Even hanging totally off ladders. Try to finish a 40 ft long butt joint (that shouldn't of been there in the first place), 12 ft in the air off a damm ladder. A 12 ft ladder at that. That is one example of what I am going through. Now. I was in my own room since I started, doing my thing. But I noticed the other finishers were busting their joints WAY out. I finally asked the so called foreman what gives. He told me this is what they do. They take a 4-5ft straight edge and place it against the wall. Anyplace there is a gap, and there are PLENTY, must be filled. I went nuts. I said I am not a damm wall leveler, Im a drywall finisher. My job is not to fill in every damm place there are twisted studs or uneven walls. 2 guys spend 3 freakin weeks doing a bathroom. Believe that? My foreman told me there is noone on your ass, just do it. Asked me if I ever done commercial before. I said a hell of allot more than you. He called this a level 5 finish. I called him bull****. Level 5 is a thin coat over the entire wall to give it all the same consistency. Thus eliminating the natural texture a sheet of board has. This guy had no idea what I was talking about. Can someone please tell me if you ever had someone take a damm 4 ft straight edge on the walls, and expect you to fill in the gaps? Not talking 1-2 walls here guys, 3 freakin story building!
Category: Drywall Post By: RUBEN LOWE (Roseville, CA), 03/11/2018

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