Forum Title: Backblocking instead of taping
More questions. I've seen a Youtube video of a man who, instead of taping, uses strips of drywall as backblocking. He cuts a close matching plug sheet and then uses mud to attach the strips, lets it dry and then muds the plug sheet right into the hole. The plug sheet butts into the ledges he built with the strips. He claims he never uses tape and this system has never developed cracks. The only problem is, he's in Australia and uses cornice cement. I don't know what that is and can't find it here in Texas. Has anyone heard or uses this system? What can I use to cement the strips and the plug sheet in with? I use AcrylaPro to attach tile to green sheet in bathrooms and that stuff is pretty good at this and just won't let go of either the tile or the drywall. Could I use this? Its just I have another project in which the people wan't to save the decorative strips above the tile ( not available anymore ) but want to change the tile below. I thought I could cut the grout and drywall below the decorative travertine, replace the drywall with backblocking, add the tile, and this would save me some time, and the people some money. Thanks
Category: Drywall Post By: DEBORAH CLARK (Yuma, AZ), 02/20/2018

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